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MELBOURNE - trip number 2


Next it was off for two K-Swiss sponsored events. The events were to commerate the release of the shoes that Sixten and myself designed. I had shown with Sixten during the 5 city Asian tour that I did in 2005, and was anxious hang out a bit with him now that we had become closer friends. First stop was Melbourne Australia. I love Melbourne, but the flight over sucks. I have been told that the Los Angeles to Melbourne trip is the second longest continuous flight. At 16 hours in the air, it makes you go a little stir crazy by the end of the flight. Luckily I had been given some pills to help out with the flight. I normally can’t sleep on planes but thanks to these little helpers, I managed to sleep 7 hours before waking up in airplane hell.

Tuesday 3rd -

Back in Melbourne. I love this city. There are more creative people than anywhere else I have visited. After 16 hours on a plane, I was looking forward to getting settled in to the hotel and relaxing. I landed around 9am. Got off the plane, and looked around for a half an hour for my ride.

I soon found out that the organization that was handling things for this event didn’t send anybody to pick me up. They didn’t tell me they weren’t going to pick me up, but I soon found out. I was lucky that I written my hotel address down before I left LA. Normally when a company flies you in for an event, they just send someone to pick you up so there is not a need to write this stuff down, but I am a bit neurotic so I write anything down that may be useful along the way. After a $60 dollar taxi ride, I was at the hotel. Checked in to the hotel, told my hosts I was here, and then made my way to Everfresh studios.

(photo by Sixten)

Typical day at Everfresh

the screenprinting facilities at Everfresh

Mural inside Everfresh

Phibs doing it up at Everfresh

I have written quite a bit on Everfresh in the past, so I wont repeat that. If you are interested, you can read more here: One of the residents of Everfresh, Rone, was kind enough to store my work while I was gone. I stopped by to get the work, then made my way to Per Square Metre to hang the show that was opening on Saturday. I had only talked with Darren from Per Square Metre over the past few months, but I finally got to meet the owners - Em, Sam, and Bernie. As I would later find out, they are some of the nicest talented people. But then again, I Melbourne, I could say that about most of the people there. Seems like everyone I meet in Melbourne is friendly, and has more talent than most. It gets a bit sickening after a while. The Per Square Metre gallery is only about 5 months old, but is already getting a great reputation for having quality shows. The gallery itself has huge windows that face a busy road, so the walls can be seen while driving down the street.

After dropping the work off, chatting with the Per Square Metre family, I made tracks back to the hotel and had a well-needed date with my bed.

Wednesday 4th -

Today Sixten got in. Sixten is the same artists who I was with on the 5 city Asian tour last year. The reason that he and I were flown to Melbourne was to celebrate the release of our K-Swiss shoes. Sixten is an amazing guy who works just as well on the computer as he does with dirty stencils. His stuff is beautiful. When we did the tour last year, I didn’t know anything about him other than the work I had seen online. Over the past year, we have become closer friends thanks to our conversations on instant messenger and emails. I have more respect now for his talents than I ever have. It will be good to chill out and have those stupid conversations that can only happen in person.

Today we had some press things to do, so we headed over the host organization. Got some K-Swiss shoes to represent, and then smiled like retarded monkeys for the cameras.

First photoshoot of the day

Then we headed to Hooiser lane so JTV some could get some video of us in the most famous alley in the stencil world.

Sixten in his 15 minutes of fame

Sixten and me getting out shine
(photo by Sixten)

Hoosier alley is crazy. For nearly 500 feet the walls are covered with stencil on top of stencil.

The guy in the center is the one later that would proclaim “Logan, you’re the sexiest man alive” Keep reading for the full story

City Lights is also on the alley, so we headed inside to catch up with Andy Mack

Andy striking a inadvertent GQ pose agains the Hoosier lane backdrop

We also got to catch the current show from Kill PIxie before it came down. Last time I was in Melbourne I became familiar with Kill PIxie and I loved his stuff. Luckily we caught the show one day before it was to come down.

Andy was hospitable as always, but we only had about 10 minutes to catch up before JTV showed up to start taping. The guy from JTV, Damien, was super nice and respectful. I kind of feel bad because I had been frustrated with some of the organization of things unrelated to him, and probably took it out on him a little. Nonetheless he was a champ and we got along really well. After the JTV interview we headed over to Per Square Metre so he could get more video of me spraying some stencils on the walls. After rambling on camera a bit, we were off to the last stop, Everfresh.

Thursday 5th-

Today we caught the opening of Anthony Listers opening at the Metro 5 Gallery. Anthony and I have both shown with the same curator in Rome for the past few years, but have never had an opportunity to meet in person. It was great putting a face to the email address. I have seen plenty of pieces of Anthony's over the years from the Wooster Collective and other online sources, but I have to say, the work in person is a thousand times better.

Here are some of his pieces I found laying around Everfresh

Here are some photos from his show at Metro 5 Gallery

The man himself!

His work is on another level. For the show he probably had 30 pieces total. Many of them were 6ft wide by 4ft tall and the prices ran from $3000 to $5000 dollars, and every single one of the large pieces were already sold out before the show even opened. It was one of the times where I was speechless. Fucking amazing work. Found out that Liter is going to be moving to New York at the years end, so I am looking forward to hopefully seeing him more often

Friday 6th - K-Spray event

Today is the day of the event! Here is where things go comically wrong

In Melbourne, K-Swiss Company didn’t handle release party directly. This time the event was handled by a contracted company that does the marketing and PR for them. I had some reservations before coming to Melbourne because on previous tours Red Agency handled all the organization. I can’t say enough good stuff about Red Agency. They could probably organize the Chaos theory in less than a day if they needed too. Because of this I was concerned that things may not live up to what I was expecting. I was right. From the beginning of the event to the end, things just seemed to go wrong. I would hate to turn this blog into a bitch session, so what I will do is pick the 2 events that stood out, and defined the over all 'feel' of the event.

First here are a few flicks of the venue, and the event.

The head of K-Swiss enjoying a swill of hooch

this was the piece that I sprayed out for the KSpray event

Here are the pieces carl finished

The piece at the top – skulls & drips & splats – has to be one of my favorite pieces ever

This was Rone’s piece and shoes. I love his stuff

The venue before it got packed

The venue after it was packed:

Here are a few shots of the actual artwork that was displayed during the event. These were taken by Sixten

The first event happened while I was in the middle of doing the live spraying event. While there was a packed crowd around watching me on the stage, when one of the host organizations employee flag me down, motion for me to take out my earphones, and then shout in front of everybody " Logan,.... you’re the sexiest man alive" then say to the effect of "I want to sleep with you". The term he used was a tad bit cruder, but you get the idea. It seemed to me that the with the amount of coke that was being snorted, his perception must have been skewed. Perhaps I should make all new acquaintances snort massive amounts of coke before introducing myself because apparently I look pretty damn good after you have a kilo in your nose. I figured it best to hold my tongue until I get paid, so I continued my work and pondered how a paint covered, grimy, scowling, angry looking man like myself could appear as the 'sexiest man alive'. I mean, that is a pretty big title to hold. There are many people that are alive in this world, so how could he be so certain that I was THE sexiest man alive. Hum, well, it gave me something to think about as I sprayed out the rest of my piece.

These were the people that were standing by as I was showered with compliments about my physical aspects

The second event happened after Sixten and I had finished the spraying event. I was speaking with the host organizations owner about selling my piece. At the same time the director of the organization was speaking with Sixten about buying his. In the midst of negotiating with Sixten, the director started to talk shit about me!!! Not the typical 'you know that rascal, Logan' type of talk, but leaning towards the 'fuck Logan' view. What kind of director does this? How professional is that? Well, it ended when Sixten stated, "You are not the type of person that should own my art, and you can't have it". It was said in a much more blunt tone, but you can imagine. What kind of person things that it is acceptable to come between friends by talking shit? Crazy, isn’t it?

This is the guy that would later shit talk about me

There are plenty of other instances but those are the two that stood out for me. Aside from that though, the event was a bit odd. Even though the event was a shoe release party for Sixten, and myself it was presented with this "studio 54" vs. "Americas Top Model" type of steez. There was a fashion show that had models that were no bigger than my finger. I wanted to force feed them meatloaf sandwiches all night. There was one model that had a spray-on tan that was orange. She looked like a basketball with eyes. It was nuts. Surprised they didn’t have scurvy too.

yeah, see the model trying to rock the ‘come fuck me look’? that is how many of the people were at the event.

After the event, I was tapped. I went home and was asleep by midnight. Not much of a party animal, am I?

Saturday 7th

Today was the opening of my show at Per Square Metre.

The Square Metre family

After the previous night, I was looking forward to a smaller opening where I could actually have a conversation with people. I was happy with the way the show was coming together, and the only thing left to do was pick up some collaborative pieces. For this show, I brought over some canvas that only had my patterns on them. I asked some of my friends in Melbourne if they were interested in collaborating and doing something on top of the patterns. They agreed, but with only 3 days to produce a new piece of art, the timetable was tight. For the collabs, I was lucky enough to have Anthony Lister, Sync, Ghostpatrol, Miso, Strafe, Rone, and Phibs. Got the last of the pieces, got them hung, and back to the hotel to shit, shower and shave.

Here are the collabs

This one was with Anthony Lister. I fucking love this one. I had to buy it myself

Miso collab

Ghostpatrol collab

Phibs collab

Sync collab

Strafe collab

Rone collab – this piece was huge too. 4X6 ft

Made it to the gallery and the people started to trickle in shortly afterwards. The show was a success. It was never packed, but pieces of art sold nevertheless. I sold almost half of the works. After the night’s events, and because of the previous nights events I was exhausted.

Here is the gallery before the opening

During the opening:

Rone, Strafe, and myself headed to a Japanese Restaurant. I was so tired that I barely remembered anything the next day. I felt like I drank too much, but it was just from lack of sleep.

Looks like Sixten felt the same as I did

Sunday 8th

Monday - Lunch with Alex from Nice Produce

Today Sixten and I we were lucky enough to catch up with Alex from Shadow clothing. We were joined by his partner and Manny from the Red Bull Music.

Alex and Manny

Alex, Manny and Sixten walkin the walk

It was great hearing about the line, and how things are developing. It is clear that these guys are doing it up the right way. In a few weeks they get the first production samples back of the all over print hoodie I did, as well as two other designs. Shit is going to look good. We ate at some Chinese dumpling place. It was tucked away in some back alley, and was the type of place that you wonder how anybody finds it. Apparently many other people found it as well because there was a Twist sticker outside, and a Neckface tag inside. Odd how people in the same circles travel to the same places.

After lunch was kind enough to take us on a tour of the Red Bull Music Academy. If you don’t know about the Academy check the site- What happens is every year they pick a different place around the world to hold a month long seminar/lecture/workshop type of thing where DJ's from all different genres come together and work together. Red bull pulls in leaders in their respective fields related to music and the participants attend lectures on everything from writing contracts, to technical lectures and everything in between. In past years they have had it in New York, Cape Town, Dublin, San Paola, and this year Melbourne. There are talks of it being in Istanbul next year, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The Academy was held in this massive 5-story building. Each floor had its various purpose. One floor for lectures, one for studios, one for mixing and so on.

Here are some shots of the academy

Here was where they chilled out. Behind me were computer work stations

Shots of the private studios that the participants are allowed to work in

Alex, Sixten and Manny. I love the ‘Rocky’ look that Alex has in this one. “Yo, Adrian!!!!”

This was in a ‘lecture hall’. I took the photo from where the screen is when they view movies and stuff.

In the studios and stairwells they hired local artists to come in and paint murals. Some amazing art was inside that building.

Here are some of the murals in the academy

We took an hour-long tour, and then parted ways with Manny and the Shadow Clothing guys. We made our way to the hotel, then down to Everfresh for drinks with the boys.

Monday 9th -

Today we caught up with stencil artist, HAHA.

(photo by Sixten)

(photo by Sixten)

You have to meet Ha-Ha to understand him, but he is a funny guy. He has that kind of face that you always feel like is getting ready to crack a joke. His name, Ha-Ha comes from the Simpsons character, Munsen who always hays Ha-Ha after he cracks a joke. Funny stuff. We visited his studio and checked out the work he was preparing for a show in Hobart, Tasmania. Always inspiring to see him working. He was doing these 15 to 25 layers stencils that were beautiful.

HaHa spraying out a piece in Sixten’s blackbook

We stepped out for lunch and were joined by the artist, Nails.

One of Nails pieces in Hoosier lane

Andy Mack, Nails, and Sixten in front of one of Nails’ pieces

Nails is another guy who I became familiar with on my last visit to Melbourne. I immediately loved his work. It isn’t the typical type of work you would see on the street, so it really stands out from the other stuff. It has this aboriginal type feel to it almost. The color palette is full of browns, oranges, and yellows. I was hoping to get one of his canvas pieces while I was there, but no luck. He said he has been staying pretty busy lately, and has a waiting list of people that want work from him. I was hoping to get piece before he gets any more popular because I can tell that he is going to blow up in the next few years. If he had been in the US he would have already been making bank.

Here are a few flicks that I took of Nails work last time I was in Melbourne

These were a few pices I put up in Hoosier lane. They were the Unicorn and Pegasus pieces that I put up in Brussels, I just thought it would be funny to put up mythological creatures because they are so stupid

(photo by Sixten)

Pegasus power!

That is a Deb piece to the right. I like how the crotch has been defaced.

you can’t fuck with the unicorn

Tuesday 10th

This was our last night in Melbourne so we took it kind of easy. We caught up with Prism, who founded and maintains the website. That website has provided me with more opportunities that I have time to mention. I owe a great deal to that site, so it was great to catch up with the man behind it. We grabbed some fish and chips and drank and ate until midnight. During our talks, Prism showed us a very early sneak peak of the upcoming redesign. It will probably be another half a year before it goes live, but it will be much improved with a lot of new features. Can’t wait!

After dinner, we caught a cab back to the hotel. I started packing because I am a neurotic freak who cant stand last minute packing when it comes to travel, and Sixten headed back down to Everfresh to pick up some stencils he left there, and to catch up w a few more of the stencil artists that he knows.

Wednesday 11th

Caught the taxi to the airport at a time that was too early for a normal man. No person should have to get up at 5am. Made it to the airport, and we were on our way to Shanghai!


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